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Why I Breastfeed

I breastfeed because I am able to bond and nourish my son at the same time.
Nicole W., Simi Valley
I breastfeed because it is the best thing for my baby. My body was made to feed my baby.
Melinda W., Port Hueneme
I breastfeed because it feels amazing to hold my daughter so close to my heart.
Hillary M., Camarillo
I breastfeed because I know it’s the best start to life that I can give my precious boy.
Sarah B., Camarillo
I breastfeed for all the little moments where my son looks up at me with big eyes and a little grin with milk dribbling down his cheek, and for the big smile I get when he knows that he’s going to get the milk!
Elizabeth C., Camarillo
I breastfeed because I am able. I am able to nourish not only my baby’s body, but his soul. I am able to comfort and connect with him, showing him I’m always there.
Julie P., Ventura